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User List Management

What is a Broadcast List?

A Broadcast List is a list of contacts that you can create on the system, it is similar to an address book. Once you have entered (or imported) the addresses your require you can then send a message to them. Messij allows you to create dozens of lists (address books) and send out Fax or Text Messages. User Built Lists are designed for sending messages from 3 to 100,000 recipients.

How do I make a Broadcast List?

  1. Login to your account toolbox by clicking on "Login" in the top menu
  2. Click on "Create List" in the left menu.

Will I get charged for messages that are not successful? (engaged signals etc)

No. Only sucessful messages are charged.

What is the difference between List Broadcasts and Quick SMS Send?

Quick SMS Send only allows you to send to 3 recipients or less. It's designed for customers who do one off Text messages. List Broadcasts are for more than multiple recipients.

Why can't I put a contact straight into the system and send my message?

Lists are designed to for you to send to ten, hundreds or thousands of people. As such we have found that it is easier to manage these through the use of lists. If you want to send to one or a couple of people then use a Quick SMS Send.

Can I import my lists into

Yes, as long as they are in a specific format. We support CSV files. If you would like to download an example file click here.

"First Name","Last Name","Mobile Number","Fax Number","Phone Number","Email","Alias","Notes"
Example,User,+61412555555,+61895552342,+61895552524,,AnAlias,Notes about this contact

Can I add to my list once it is uploaded?

Yes, you can add individual entries.

How many lists can I create?

You may create up to 150 lists

How long does the job remain open?

Your job will be open for 6 hours. During this time the system will attempt to send to all of your recipients. At the end of this period  the final cost of your job will be calculated based upon the number of successful recipients.

My credit has reduced after I have submitted a job, why does this occur?

We deduct the quoted estimate from your credit balance. Once the job has successfully completed we will deduct the actual job cost from your credit.

The job charge is different from the quoted value, why is this?

Typically the charge is less. This is often due to the failure to send the message to some recipients. We only charge you for successful deliveries. If the charge is more then this is usually due to the number of pages being more than estimated or the long fax duration surcharge.

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