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Template Tokens

What are template tokens?

Template tokens are replaceable tokens you can use in your Messij.com broadcasts and Email to SMS jobs to customise messages on a per-recipient basis. It is much like 'Mail Merge' functionality found in other products. For example, you may have a message such as:

Hi {{first_name}}, Soccer practice has been moved to 5pm this week!
and the Messij system will convert it into something similar to:
Hi George, Soccer practice has been moved to 5pm this week!
Hi Susan, Soccer practice has been moved to 5pm this week!
Template tokens allow more flexibility in your bulk messaging.

What tokens can I use?

The following tokens are available if you are using Broadcast Lists from the Toolbox area:

  • {{first_name}}
  • {{last_name}}
  • {{mobile_number}}
  • {{phone_number}}
  • {{fax_number}}
  • {{email}}
  • {{alias}}

Can I use custom tokens?

Custom tokens are only available when using Email to SMS. To use custom tokens, you need to specify your destinations using a CSV file, and add the custom token as one of your fields. For example:

"First Name","Last Name","Mobile","Ordered Item"
Susan,Briggs,0455358124,Pride and Prejudice	
George,Taylor,0455632573,Modernist Cuisine
Attaching this as numbers.csv in your Email to SMS job will add an additional {{ordered_item}} token. All tokens are converted to lower case, and spaces are replaced with an underscore (_). This particular example could be used with the message:
Hi {{first_name}}, your item {{ordered_item}} has shipped!
Which would create the messages:
Hi Susan, your item Pride and Prejudice has shipped!
Hi George, your item Modernist Cuisine has shipped!

What happens if a list user has no data for a field?

If a given destination has no data for the token you have included, it is replaced with an empty string.

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