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Email to Fax

How do I send a fax from my email?

  1. Ensure the sending email address is registered with Messij.
    See How do I change which email addresses I can use for Email To Fax? for more information.
  2. Create a new email as you normally would.
  3. Address the email to (e.g.
    See How do I specify recipients? For more information on specifying recipients.
    Note that only supports sending fax jobs to 10 or more recipients at once. See this FAQ page for more information.
  4. Attach your fax document(s). You can attach up to fifteen documents. Please note that we will not fax the content of the email only the attachments.
  5. Send the email.
  6. In a few minutes you will receive a validation confirmation email.
  7. Reply to this message. Ensure you leave the subject line in tact.
  8. Your message will be faxed to the number you specified.
  9. Once the job is complete you will be emailed a delivery report.

The picture below displays what information is required. The email subject is not used at this time but you may wish to use this for your own reference.

Email to Fax

How do I send to multiple recipients?

You have several options to specify a list of recipients. These are described below.

  1. List of numbers in the email address

    You may enter a list of numbers in the To address, with each number separated by a “#”.
    For an example, see below.

    Email to Fax

  2. List of numbers inside the email message

    You may enter a list of numbers inside the email message by surrounding the numbers with start and end markers. Each number should be on a seperate line with the start marker being <numbers> and the end marker being </numbers>.
    For an example, see below.

    Email to Fax

  3. List of numbers attached to an email

    You may attach a list of numbers to an email by attaching a file named numbers.csv to the email and sending to From the attachment; one address is used per line. By default, the first column is used as the source for the addresses. If there is a header row, the numbers will be taken from the column with the heading numbers. For an example, see below.

    In a file called numbers.csv list the numbers like this:

    "Fax Number","Company Name","Notes",...
    0212345678,Smith Co.,John Smith's company,....
    +61-8-9488-9540,mBox,Messij support number,....

    And attach the file to in the email:

    Email to Fax

What document types can I fax?

  • Microsoft Word: .DOC/.DOCX
  • Microsoft Excel: .XLS/.XLSX
  • Microsoft Powerpoint: .PPT/.PPTX
  • PDF: .PDF
  • PNG: .PNG
  • JPG: .JPG

Do I have to enter an area code when entering the fax number?

Yes, you need to enter an area code even if your are sending to a fax in your local area. Do not put any spaces or brackets in the email address. Our system will attempt to make sense of whatever number you put in, and will remove any 'bad' recipients.

If you wish to send overseas specify the number as +[country code][number] For example, to send to a number in Auckland (New Zealand): Note that when you add the country code, you must leave out the leading zero from the cell phone number e.g., 099096001 becomes +6499096001.

Can I set the caller ID of the sending fax?

No, this feature only works for Email to Text Message.

Why do you send a validation confirmation email before sending the message?

This is an important security measure. This prevents others from sending messages without your authorisation.

I do not want to receive a validation confirmation email, can I turn this off?

Yes. You can choice a different authentication option.

What are the charges involved?

Prices are available on the Pricing Page.

Can I send a message using a web-based email services?

Yes, it will work with web-based email service like GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Bigpond etc.

Can I send a message from a free email client like GMail, Hotmail or Yahoo?


What email software does Email to Fax work with?

It works with all popular email software applications including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft OWA, Eudora, Mozilla Thunderbird.

Can I see a list of sent fax messages?

Yes, you will need to log into "Toolbox", go to the Broadcast Centre and click the "View History" link.

What is my status reporting email address?

This is the address to which we will send Email to SMS delivery reports.

How do I change my status reporting email address?

Log into "Toolbox", click "Settings", then click "Account Settings". Your account settings will be displayed. Type your new address in the "Email Address" field.

From what email addresses can I send Email to Faxes?

An email address must be registered in "Toolbox" before it can be used with the Email to Fax service. You may have up to a maximum of 4 such email addresses registered for use with Email to Fax.

How do I change which email addresses I can use for Email To SMS?

Log into "Toolbox", click "Settings", then click "Authorised Senders" link in the left menu. Your current list of authorised email addresses will be displayed. You can add, edit, or remove email addresses from the link using the forms provided.

Can I have my entire domain ( as an authenticated domain?

Yes. To use this feature please contact Messij Support.

How to I add credit to Toolbox?

Log into "Toolbox" and enter a topu amount in the "top up" box on the overview page, or click the "Top Up link in the left menu. Choose the credit amount you wish to add and continue the purchase process. If you wish to set up automatic top-up, go to the "Subscription Settings" section in Toolbox.

How quickly is a fax delivered?

This depends on our network load and the size of the fax. A typical one page fax with text takes between 45-120 seconds. If you have not received a message after 20 minutes please contact Messij Support.

Does Messij Email-to-fax support Apple Mail?

Yes, all email clients should work with the service.

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