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SMS messaging gets your message across, and with Live Reporting, Full Unicode Support, Emoji, and great International Pricing, Messij can help send your message anywhere.

Stay in touch with consumers, or friends & family

Consumers all over the world have come to rely on their mobile phone as a highly personalized and essential communications tool. People take their phone with them wherever they go and keep it switched on all the time. More people can be reached via sms, than internet, fax or email.

Whether you want to update your volleyball team about the next match time, or send 100,000 new product alerts to customers, SMS is the medium to use.

Full Unicode and Emoji Support

Need to send foreign language messages? No problem. Messij has full support for Unicode. Unlike other providers, Messij doesn't require you to encode or otherwise craft a special message to utilise Unicode, just type the message in our toolbox or send it via email. Our system converts and sends it for you automatically.

Messij also has full support for Emoji characters. You can add these pictographs to your messages easily using our web interface to make your message stand out from the rest. Choose from over 600 icons in the standard set.

Email to SMS

Messij also supports Email to SMS messages. Just type your SMS in an email and send it to and we'll send it on to the recipient. Authenticate via a password, or confirmation email to stop unauthorised messages.

Email to SMS also supports bulk sends. Just list the addresses in the destination address, include them in the email body, or attach a CSV of destinations. It's flexible and easy to use.

Template Tools

Our simple to use template tags let you customise your bulk messages, just like mail merge. Insert any field from your user defined lists, such as first and last name, and Messij will automatically do the merge. For even greater flexibility, use a custom CSV to insert your own tags.


We've included a simple HTTP GET API for easily integrating into your alerts or paging system. Simply make a HTTP request to the URL, including your parameters in the GET or POST, and we'll send the message instantly.

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