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Messij has a number of features to make sending your messages easier, no matter the medium.

Easy to use toolbox

Our web toolbox is designed to be easy to use so you can quickly manage your broadcasts and get live updates of your broadcast status.

The toolbox is mobile friendly, so you whether you are on the road, in the office, or in a meeting, you can always quickly check how your broadcast is proceeding.

List Management

Create and manage your own user lists in our toolbox. Lists can be any size from 1, to 1,000,000 (or even more!). You can also export from your existing CRM software or customer database to CSV, then import it into our system. The Messij importer attempts to make sense of any CSV file.

Messij will remove duplicates and sanitise data for your lists as well, converting all numbers into international format (e.g +61 8 6123 4312) so transmission errors are reduced significantly.

Live Reporting

Messij allows you to track how your broadcast is progressing with our live reporting system. See in detail how your messages are being sent, and track any problems that are occuring, such as busy tones or no fax tones.

Our reports are updated live, so just click refresh to see the latest results. Extensive message tracking ensures that you can see exactly what the status of every message is. Whether it has been received, bounced, been delayed, or failed for whatever reason, you can visualise it all.

International Support

Messij has great international rates, and full Unicode support for sending foreign language messages. Send your SMS, Fax, or Email in Japanese, Korean, Russian, Greek, Arabic, or any foreign character set. You can even include Emoji characters in your SMS messages using our web interface. There are no 'encoding' steps or additional work, just type your characters into our web interface, or email them through using your web browser, and the Messij servers will do the encoding and conversion, automatically detecting any unicode characters.

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